The GAPTA is a non-profit organization comprised of parents, teachers & administrators who voluntarily work together in the interest of enriching our children’s Greenacres elementary school experience through programs & activities. We welcome your involvement, whatever your schedule allows.


PTA activities include planning and implementing programs and services at the school that benefit our school & students; raising funds to support these initiatives; and bringing the Greenacres School community together.  


Please take a tour of our NEW School and hear about our new protocol on the link below!

We are delighted to share our Greenacres Welcome Video.

Directed and edited by Sam Hurwitz and DJ Ziffer.

Drone footage by Zach Siegel.

All Greenacres alumnus!


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The PTA is excited to announce that in lieu of a Halloween Parade, the children will be able to wear their Halloween costumes throughout their in-class session on October 30th. 


Please make sure costumes are appropriate for school. Masks, accessories and inflatables are not permitted. Students must be able to comfortably work for two hours without getting overheated or irritable.   

Each class generally collects money at the beginning of the year for both a holiday and year-end group gift for their teachers, aide(s) and specials teachers. Contributing to the gift is always voluntary. This year, we are making it easier and you can pay here through our new site! Please pay by Thursday, October 15th to allow us time to get the holiday gifts purchased. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your Class Parent (Complete List Here) or Courtney Allen.

Monday, November 2nd through Sunday, November 8th.
The PTA is excited to be able to bring you the Book Fair a little differently this year. We will be having a VIRTUAL BOOK FAIR, using a local vendor, Main Street Books. Without many of the events/programs we normally have, this is going to be one of our major fundraising efforts this year, so please fill your bookshelves! 
Parent/Classroom Book Donations
We also want to be sure we are still stocking the library and the classrooms. We will be providing the opportunity to give donations to the library or your child's/children's specific classrooms. These donations will be compiled and each teacher will receive a gift card with which they will be able to purchase books for their classroom/library from Main Street Books. 
Teacher Book Recommendations
We have also asked that teachers provide book recommendations by grade. This will allow us time to set up the website properly and also to ensure these books are all sourced and added to the site. Teachers will let your kids know if there are books that are needed for the curriculum that can be purchased at the Book Fair.
We look forward to getting the classrooms and your homes stocked with books!
The Book Fair Chairs



Please join us for an informal get-together for the Greenacres School community hosted by Rachel Krisbergh, C.H.I.L.D.’s Co-Chair.  The event is for anyone who has a child with an IEP, 504 Accommodation Plan, receives related services or wants to learn more about special education in Scarsdale.  It will be a great chance to have your most burning questions answered by fellow parents who have been through similar things.  It is also a great opportunity to meet parents across different grade levels within our school who have unique experiences to share.


When: Tuesday, October 20th, 9:45 AM

Alternative Virtual Date: Monday, November 9th, Zoom details TBD

Where: Please RSVP to Stephanie Wechsler, the C.H.I.L.D. representative for Greenacres, for the location 


This event will take place outside with masks and social distancing required.  Due to COVID restrictions, space may be limited.  If you plan to attend, please click here to review the waiver.  Please return the waiver when you RSVP or bring it with you.  This document is required by the Scarsdale PTC for all in-person events.  


We will be hosting an evening (in-person) event for those of you who cannot attend during the day.  Please click here or contact Stephanie Wechsler for more details. 

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